The Lack of Care in Writing

Have you noticed this? The  writing of  professional writers who should be adept at creating  error free  documents or articles, but  fall short? You would think that people who  write for prestigious magazines of news outlet would  take the time to actually check their writing before hitting publish. I think it is the fault of  the texting apps of social media, which have  deceived many into thinking that  grammar and punctuation is no longer required or even to be desired. We all have Spellcheck technology nowadays, do we not? However, this does not mean  that we no longer need to examine our own writing to be sure it is free of error. Spelling and grammar programs are tools at our disposal, but we all should remember that there is no replacement for the human eye in proofing our writings.

I see errors in writing everywhere, and I must confess that I am a bit of a grammar  drill sergeant.  I really am.  As a girl, I found myself to be a compulsive proof reader, not only of my own writing, but everyone else’s too.

Now, I find myself reading many documents, articles, blogs, etc- all online. It seems that the more we use technology to do out writing, the less we rely on our own human ability to read and proof the text.  I see evidence of this  on Facebook ( not surprising, since many people are using FB on the phone by app technology  which I said already is affecting the writing).  I mentioned news outlets. Writers on these sites are producing  many articles which contain mistakes that  can easily  be discerned and corrected  simply by reading one’s writing aloud before publishing. Some of the errors I find are the use of an incorrect article (the  use of the word A being used when the word The would be a more natural fit).  Sometimes the wrong word is used altogether, and sometimes  the subject is not in  agreement with the verb.  I was reading  a popular magazine a few weeks ago and on the cover it had a lovely photo of a beloved  couple. The article was about  this couple  making a significant change  in life. I was horrified when the cover spoke of the  saying  goodbye to the past as follows.

“The beloved couple say goodbye.”

No, no, and no. Just no.

“The couple says ‘goodbye’ ” would be correct. A couple which we know is made up of two people, is one unit  and a singular subject.  Two people may say goodbye, but one couple says goodbye.

Why do I care? Because I believe it is important to write well- to excel in the task. Another thing to think about is credibility. Do you value your credibility as a writer? If you do, as I do; if you want to be held in regard as  being knowledgable in your field, it is important to  write  well, and adhere to  the highest standard of writing excellence possible.






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