Nation of Immigrants

President Donald J. Trump  created quite a stir when he  signed  the recent executive order  on immigration. It was titled “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States.”

Why was this done? Do we not  require those who come to the United States  from other countries to first obtain a Visa?  A  U.S. Visa  may be granted  either for the non- immigrant who wants to come to the United States  temporarily (as for business), or it may be obtained  for immigration purposes ( to move here permanently). This second type is what we call a “green card.”

Seems silly to call for a halt  of visas if we are reviewing applicants seeking to come here, doesn’t it?  But, apparently, President Trump believes that after 9/11, “numerous foreign-born individuals” admitted to our country by way of a  visa “have been implicated in terrorism”.  Research indicates this to be true.

But, is this a good reason to refuse entrance to those who are foreign-born?  Are we giving way to fear-mongering by  restricting visas even for a short while? And, by the way, aren’t we all descendants of immigrants, anyway?

What this order is supposed to do is  suspend  the issue of visas  to people of  seven countries. They are: Iraq, Iran, Libia, Somalia, Sudan,  Syria, and Yemen.  None of the language in this order states that the reason is because these people are Muslim. Instead, it shows the reason being  a high number of radicals from these countries. I found it interesting, as I read the order  ( yes, I read the executive order)that these countries had been identified as problematic by President Barak Hussein Obama previously.  So, perhaps  President Trump acting on this information is a wise decision.

The suspension on visas is temporary, lasting 90 days. As for it being a ban on Muslims,  the fact is that a person cannot come from the nations listed, even if that individual is  Jewish or some other faith.  If you are from the countries named, you wait. Period. However, the  news reporters continue to refer to the ban as a ban on Muslims. It is, however, not. It is a ban on visas from particular countries.

The president also wants a database created to track  data on  any criminal activity committed by  such foreign nationals while on U.S. soil; particularly on terrorist activity.

The president has both the right and obligation to  implement these things if  there is sufficient cause to  believe that  “the entry of any class of aliens to the United States would be  detrimental  to in interests of the United States.”

It has also come to my attention that Kuwait has also placed what is known as a blanket ban on  five countries, that cannot visit Kuwait, or get visas for that country.   Kuwait has banned Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.  This leads me to believe there is good reason for the suspension on visas to these regions because of the instability of the same.

As I sat writing this today, I got a notification via  social media from one of our soldiers serving in Iraq.  According to this young man, he was instructed to not go into town, because the locals  would  resist him, simply because of his being American. This conversation took place  before the travel ban order. It seems reasonale to conclude that if  our people are not safe in certain parts of the world, we might be better off to not be quick to be so welcoming, at least for the duration of the travel ban.It’s a lot to think about. It really is!


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