Choosing the Candidate- A Wrestling

I didn’t start out supporting the candidate, not in the beginning. At first, my choice would be the governor of my own state. He would have been a good choice for the presidency, I think. I went to several of his town hall sessions to listen to him speak on the issues. He shared the same concerns that I have; the same concerns as many of you. He believes in a strong national defense, and in fiscal responsibility. So I knew he would keep our country safe as well as work toward a responsible, balanced budget and reduced spending in Washington. I listened as he discussed the needs of our veterans, and his proposal on saving our social security and medicare. He is also pro-life; believing that the unborn must be protected. Some of you may believe that government has no business telling a frightened young girl that she must carry to term. I hear you, but surely that choice should be made early on, if needs be. The governor then brought up partial birth abortion, which I agree should simply not even be a thought. Once again, he and I were on the same ideological page, for I believe that the unborn need to be given a voice. He went on to speak about corruption in our government, and his words rang true and I hope this would be our nomination. Then, suddenly, he was out of the race. I was deeply disturbed. Who would the people choose? here was another governor in the race, and I’ve always thought that governing a state was excellent preparation for the presidency. But, the people seemed to favor a prominent businessman instead. I found myself at a loss. This was a businessman who was said to be ruthless. He was no diplomat! And yet, so many of the people rallied around him. I couldn’t understand why and how they were willing to put their trust in this bombastic,outspoken man. When he won the candidacy, I was very much on the fence, wishing we had a viable third party option.

So, I went to the candidate’s website to see for myself what he is committed to doing if he wins the election. Turns out, he is committed to national security, protecting social security, increasing business opportunities for our people and much more. Still, I dragged my feet about it But, this was the choice of the people and I support that. I had to take it on considerable faith that this was the right decision because even though I cast that Primary vote for him, I was not comfortable that he had won, or earned my vote. I trust God with our future, not any human being, but I prayed that I would understand what my party members saw in this man.

My point is this- I did not vote for the candidate based on his personality or his character as I perceive his character. No, I did not. I’ll tell you the truth. If I were to vote for a candidate in any election based on how well I liked the person or respected the person’s character, well, I would probably have to write in Clark Kent.


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