Why We Celebrate on July Fourth

Many Americans celebrate on the fourth of July. But, how many truly understand what the celebration is about?
The document we now know as the Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson during the last half of June, 1776. It is a document that is regarded as our nation’s premier symbol of our establishment as a nation. We celebrate on the fourth of July because it is on this day in 1776, that our Declaration of Independence was ratified. However, there was also a war for our freedom. The war for our freedom was fought from 1775-1783. Precious lives were lost to secure this freedom. So, while you are enjoying the fireworks, pause to reflect on the fact that many years ago, bombs burst in the air, glowing like the flame of the fireworks display, and cannons exploded with a boom like fireworks being shot off. Our forefathers lay down their lives so that we could be free


Call to Prayer

We must stand in the gap in prayer for every member of the human race. We must pray for the salvation of the lost and for deliverance for all who are bound. We must always remember that God loves all of us- the  straight, the gay,  the old, young, sickly, wealthy, poor, etc. He loves us all; for those who are righteous ( in the eyes of humanity) as well as the sinner.
We are indeed facing a scary day. It is a day  when we see that our culture has moved for  a Christian age to a post-Christian age.  But I am not ready to accept judgement for our world. I therefore commit to praying for  the lost to know our God and , for  a fresh wind of revival in our nation.