My First Epilepsy Support Group

It was the year that America first came online. if you wanted you to know that two people in the safest way possible on the internet, you were on AOL. I was there too. It was there that I had the honor of meeting the young man known as Steve Jobs. Yes I did say Steve Jobs. This is before he became the American icon we all have come to love. Back then, Steve was a young man with a computer like all of us. He often hung out in the chat area we called the lobby. He spent his time talking about Internet safety. he taught us how to keep our participants safe online. This is valuable information to have when I founded my first epilepsy chatroom. This group grew in size to about 300 members. Then I had to end it, because the dial up modem we had at the time caused my phone bill to skyrocket. Today with the use of cable, mobile data ,and wifi the cost is much more manageable.


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