Living Independently With Epilepsy

Many people of the question is it possible to live independently if you have seizures. The answer is simply yes. Yes of course a person can live a successful independent life even with a seizure disorder. The question really is, how is this achieved? I think for the most part, it is simply maintaining the desire to do so. Faith in yourself is important too. In order to do a thing, anything, a person must believe that he or she can do it. So this is the key to a successful life with a disorder of any kind. Now , obviously there are some considerations. The most important of these is safety. Honestly if you are having seizures a hundred times a day, just saying, obviously now is not the time for you to be living alone. However for someone who has been on medication for a long while, whose seizures are well-managed , it is possible to live independently and to do it well. It is simply a matter of knowing where the limits are and where they are not When you live with a disorder you have to learn how to manage your tasks. For example, learning to cook meals, whether for yourself or for family is one of many tasks that must be performed each day. So my question to a person who is exploring this possibility for the first time is this. How prepared are you to do this task ? Are you comfortable with it? Do you feel you can become comfortable with it? What is your backup plan for those times you cannot perform the task? To the extent that you can answer these questions you can make the determination you are readiness for independent living. What about shopping? Are you able to get out to the store on your own? Are there buses available ? How will you handle an emergency, whether it is yourself in trouble or someone else in the house? What will you do if something needs to be repaired? Do you have the financial capability for independent living?
Some people make the assumption that because we have a seizure disorder that we shouldn’t be left alone , as though we are invalids. We are not. We are as capable of doing almost anything as anyone else. The problem really isn’t our lack of ability but our lack of faith in ourselves.


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