New Book Idea

BookCoverPreview  2015I am embarking on a new quest. Beginning this month, I am writing a new book. This new book will feature at least one, and likely two persons who have epilepsy The idea is not to do a self help book or a drama centered on the care of such a person, but to simply write these characters into a story They will be seen and heard as they simply live out their lives on the pages of the book. The book will be complete and ready to edit sometime in the Summer, and will become available for purchase in mid November, 2015.
There is another book that I feel led to write. This one is about my own life journey with epilepsy and my road to remission.
This new book is entitled Seizure Free and Loving Life. I am currently blogging about this in my Epilepsy an Me blog her on Google. Feel free to follow that blog to the completion of the book, and look for my author page


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