My Family History

The first ancestor to arrive in the United States was my 9th great grandfather Ralph Houghton he was born on May 1st 1623 in the Lancashire area of England. He is the son of Richard Houghton and Katherine Gerard. Both Richard and Catherine were born around the year 1600. The record shows that Richard died in the year 1630 while Catherine lived to the year 1670. When Ralph was around 7 years old , Richard died. Several years later, when Ralph was 12 years old he and Catherine came into Massachusetts. This is where Ralph grew up
Ralph lived in Charlestown Massachusetts, where he lived with his mother in 1635. In 1637, records show that Ralph Houghton married Jane Stowe. They lived in Lancaster Massachusetts, where Ralph worked as the first clerk of writ, which we know as Town Clerk.
Jane Stowe was my 9th great grandmother.She was born in 1626, in Kent, England. Together Ralph and Jane had 8 children. Ralph Houghton Jr was born in 1648 in Charlestown, Massachusetts. He moved on to the year 1692. James Houghton is the second oldest son and he is the child from whom I am descended. He married Mary Sawyer, who was born in 1652 and passed from the earth in 1741. They had eleven children and the youngest Edward is my ancestor. Edward Houghton was. 1705 in Lancaster Massachusetts, and he died in 1777 in Union Connecticut. He married Abigail McCoy who lived from 17042 1777, dying in the same year as her husband. Together they had nine children. Their son Nehemiah Houghton, who was a captain in the Revolutionary War, is my ancestor. Captain Nehemiah Houghton lived from 1737 to 1789. He was born in Connecticut and died in New Hampshire. He was married to Eunice Courtis. Their son Daniel, is my ancestor. Daniel Houghton was born on the 16th of May 1769 in Winchester New Hampshire and died in 1826 in Rockingham Vermont. He was married to Susannah Pierce and their son Silas is my ancestor
Silas Houghton was born in Vermont in 1810 and died in 1887 he was married Alida Waterman. And their son George Washington Houghton is my third great grandfather. George Hutton was born in January of 1839 in New York and died on the 18th of April in 1869 in New Brunswick New Jersey. George Washington Houghton also fought in the Civil War he married Charlotte Ann Latham on September the 29th 1858. He had four children at the age of 30. He enlisted at Ogdensburg New York at the age of 21. He was a private. He was enlisted in Company B in the 16th Infantry Regiment. He mustered out on the 17th of July 1865 at Alexandria Virginia.
Silas house Jr was born in 1867 and he died in 1902 he is a son of George Washington Houghton and Charlotte Ann Latham. Silas married Lilian Frances Gray. She was born in May of 1872 and lived until 1938. Their children were William Whitehead Houghton and Sadie Houghton.
William Whitehead Houghton was my great grandfather. He was born On May 20th 1893 and he died in 1957. He married my great grandmother , Ruth Schoener. They had twin sons named William and Edward. They also had one daughter my grandmother Lillian Lucille Houghton.


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